Designed to stop air flow and thermal heat loss, due to conduction via simple, easy to use covers, placed on the inside of ATM machines. Arctic Blast Covers’ durable materials help eliminate wall drafts and complaints about it being too cold. Our quality covers block air drafts and outside pollution from entering your building, keeping your staff happy and healthy.


Our cash drawer covers are designed to reduce the draft and wind experienced at the drive- through windows. By keeping your tellers warm, you help reduce not only your utility bills but also reduce work absenteeism due to sickness. This cover will also help to reduce outside pollution from the cars giving your employees a cleaner and healthier environment.


For use on the night drop boxes, these covers help reduce the chilly draft experienced by your workers and keeps internal temperatures warm. This money saving cover is simple to install, removes in seconds for easy access and best of all helps to keep your utility bills down by conserving heat in the winter and cool temperatures in the summer.

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    We’ll meet with you in person, at your business location, to take your custom measurements for your Arctic Blast Covers.

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    We’ll plan out our strategy to ensure your receive the best energy savings plan available, for your specific business.

  • 3. EXECUTE

    Once we gather all of our info, we’ll send out your customized proposal, which will describe your annual savings.

  • 4. PRODUCE

    Our skilled and knowledgeable staff will produce your customized order in one of our two American warehouses.

  • 5. DELIVER

    We’ll personally deliver and install your new covers, to ensure everything is properly set up and ready to go!

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